Caller Track Core Sessions

Our Caller Track will focus on Callers and how they can spice up their calling with some different ideas. If you register for a class and might be interested in being a Room Host, please go to our Volunteer Tab to find out what that involves. 

Dancing Shenanigans
Presenters: Scott Brown, Shawn Brown & Lisa Minton
June 23, Thursday, 1:30 PM

Yes, we are up to our shenanigans again. Come find out what we are up to and how you can play games with dancers while they are dancing. It will definitely add a new perspective to the dance. Plan to teach what you learn here at the follow-up session, Dancing Shenanigans for Dancers, on Friday. 

Teaching Dancers
Presenter: Ken Ritucci
June 24, Friday, 3:30 PM

As a Caller, one of our responsibilities is to teach dancers how to dance. There are several techniques that can help you when teaching a class. Come discover a few of them.

Adding Variety to Your Square Dance
Presenter: Ken Burke
June 25, Saturday, 11:30 AM 

Do you ever wonder why dancers want to move up to higher dance programs? Have you ever heard anyone say, "I'm going on to Plus so I can dance something different"? Come learn other ways to incorporate different ideas into your dance program to add a bit of variety to the dance.