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Leadership Certificate Program

The purpose of the Leadership Certificate Program (LCP) is to give dancers a chance to learn about the different areas of Square Dancing and help them gain knowledge in those areas. Each year at Nationals the LCP is designed by the Education Committee, so the program will be different from year to year, although some of the same topics might be presented.  

We are offering six Education Tracks for the Leadership Certificate Program (LCP) focusing on different areas of Square Dancing. The LCP is free to anyone who has registered for the 2022 National Convention.


If you wish to participate in the Leadership Program, you will need to do the following:

Step 1: Choose your Education Track from either those that we have designed our you can build your own.

Step 2: Print out the Leadership Program Document by clicking the Leadership Program Button below 

Step 3: Attend the four sessions listed under that Track, including the Keynote Speaker.

Step 4: Attend two Dance Clinics as your electives or attend a session from another Track as your Elective session. 

Step 5: Turn in your LCP with signatures of session completion to the ED office located in Locust Room F.

If you are continuing the Leadership Certificate Program from a previous convention, then you will need to follow the Build Your Own Track to pick up what session you need to in order to complete the program. 

You may also choose the Build Your Own Track, if you wish to pick three sessions that are listed on different Tracks. Simply write them down in the blank spaces provided on the LCP document. 

For those that complete the Leadership Certificate Program, you will receive a certificate and a circular Lapel Pin that is the circular part of our Making Waves logo. 

Feel free to register ahead of time for the Leadership Certificate Program by clicking the button below. Then scroll down through the list of Education Sessions until you find the Leadership Program Session. 

Click on a Leadership Track below to find out more information about the sessions offered.

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