Create It/Sew n Save Sessions

These sessions will focus on sewing creations that pertain to dance outfitsIf you register for a class and might be interested in being a Room Host, please go to our Volunteer Tab to find out what that involves.

Spinning & Swirling Skirts
Presenter: Karen Reichardt

Learn to make a dance skirt pattern using paper, pencil and ruler. Flat circle, wedges, tiers and asymmetric skirt styles will be demonstrated. Learn how to use the Circle Skirt Template, a tool that takes the math out of skirt-making. 

Fitting Bodices & Blouses
Presenter: Karen Reichard

We can hear you lamenting: "They don't make patterns my size!" The fact is, patterns are made to fit a mythological average. Once you master the steps to altering patterns, making adjustments becomes easy. This lecture will cover the basics of fitting and give you resources to collect more information. 

Fitting & Sewing Men's Shirts
Presenter: Karen Reichardt

This session will cover right-sizing collars, achieving the proper length in the garment front and sleeves, and the importance of collar stays. Once you have 'his' shirt pattern perfected, it becomes simple to make it over in different colors. Other styles will be discussed along with the Western shirt.

Invisible Zippers Clinics
Presenter: Karen Reichardt

Why are so many experienced stitchers so reluctant to use these zippers? They are actually easier to put in and lay flatter than the regular type. Once you learn the tips and techniques shown in this demonstration, you will use them everywhere.

Sewing Buttons & Hems Clinics
Presenter: Karen Reichardt

Do you already know how to do hems and buttons? Really? Come learn haute couture techniques that will take your hand work to a professional level. Get the job done or make an elegant statement. There is more than one way to do everything.

Making Piping Clinics
Presenter: Karen Reichardt

Learn how to make yards of piping in a few minutes. With a few special tools and techniques, you can create inexpensive piping exactly the color you want. Piping adds dimension and definition to any garment.