Social Square Dance (SSD) Track

In this SSD Track, we will be offering three sessions. They are titled SSD-Square Dancing Reimagined, SSD-How to get Club Buy-in, and Techniques in Recruiting and Retraining Dancers in SSD. Social Square Dancing is formerly known as Club 50 or Sustainable Square Dance. Session descriptions as of Sept 2021 and are subject to change.

Social Square Dancing: The Path to Growth
Presenter: Barry Johnson

This session will help you to understand what SSD is and why you should incorporate it into your dance program in your area. It will show you how using SSD can increase the number of times per year that you are able to start classes. Getting people in the doors more frequently to start learning may be the answer we have all been looking for. Come check it out. This session will be led by one of the best. 

SSD-How to get Club Buy-In

So just how do you get your club to Buy-In to the SSD idea? Come to this session to find out reasons and ways that you can recommend to your club. Hear from others who are using the SSD program in their area. Find out from those who have been down this road, what worked for them. This session will be led by three panelist who have been using the SSD format.  

Techniques in Recruiting & Retraining Dancers in SSD
Presenter: Jack Pladdys

Not all of our dancers think this is the right answer. How do I get them to understand what the SSD program is about? How do I move forward with the SSD program? Better yet, how do I retrain the dancers way of thinking, so that they are a help and not a hindrance to SSD.  Come to this session for some good information and to network with others who think the same way you do. This session  will be lead by a wonderful team.