Specials Track Core Sessions

Our Specials Track will focus on extra things that you might find as a part of Square Dancing. If you register for a class and might be interested in being a Room Host, please go to our Volunteer Tab to find out what that involves. 

Slam Dunk Into Dance Parties
Presenters: Ken Burke & Tim Tyl
June 23, Thursday, 12 PM

Have you ever been to a Dance Party? Do you know how vital they can be? Come learn how to use a Dance Party as a recruiting tool. Learn how you can host a Dance Party and  leave dancers wanting to learn more.

Dancers Mic Time 
Presenter: Betsy Gotta
June 24, Friday, 12 PM

Sometimes a dancer would like to see what it is like to try their hand at moving the dancers around the dance floor, without making a commitment to saying they want to learn to be a Caller. If you have ever thought about this, then now is the time to come & give it try.

Fanning The Flames-Camping & Square Dancing
Presenter: Bill Baker-NSDCA
June 25, Saturday, 2 PM

Are you someone who enjoys camping? Have you ever thought of combining camping and square dancing? Did you know there are square dance camping clubs? Come find out more information about camping and dancing. Join the many others who camp and dance.