Some Education Dance Clinics will be held in Locust Room A/D, while others will be held in the Exhibit Halls.  Create It Clinics which will be in Locust Room E.  Please check the schedule to find out where the Clinic you wish to attend is being held. Clinics are open to all dancers. You do not have to be participating in the Leadership program to attend.


If you are participating in the Leadership Program, all of the Clinics offered are electives. You will need to attend three of the nine to complete the Leadership Program. Feel free to come to any and all that you are interested in. Please refer to our schedule for days and times offered. All Clinics are planned as of Feb 2021 but are subject to change.

Progressive Squares

If you have not had the opportunity to dance progressive squares, you need to attend this session. In Progressive squares you move around the dance floor from square to square following the callers lead.

Intro Sicilian Circles

Sicilian Circles are square dancing with four dancers at a time. You progress around the circle dancing with all couples in the circle. You would be surprised at how many calls can be done in this formation! Come give it a try! 

Intro To SSD Hex

If you are interested in learning something different other than just dancing in squares, then maybe Intro to Hex might be the thing for you. In Hex there are six couples, with three of them as Head Couples and three of them as Side Couples.  It takes the simple calls you already know and applies a new traffic pattern to them to make them work in Hexagons.

Into To Kaleidoscope Squares

Kaleidoscope Squares are several squares danced inside of each other. If you have not tried it yet, now is the time! This is something that is neat just to sit and watch being danced.

Becoming A Left And Right Hand Dancer

Have you thought about what it is like to dance the other part? Come try it out. Everyone else will be in the same boat, trying it out also. This is just to get the experience of "Walking in the Others shoes", just as the saying goes, you don't know what it is like, "Unless you have walked a mile in their shoes."

Dancing Shennagians

You are asking yourself, "What are they up to now?" Come find out! This Clinic will be taught by the Callers that attended the Caller "Dancing Shenanigans" Session. They will be teaching the dancers the things they learned in that session. This will involve doing other things while dancing, like ringing a bell, carrying a flag, moving squares, etc.

Six Couple Rectangles

Have you ever danced in a six couple rectangle? Come find out that rectangles can be just as fun as dancing in a regular square.

So You Think You Can Dance SSD?

Come put your SSD knowledge to the test. All calls used will be on the SSD (Social Square Dance) List of calls. Find out how many different ways you can Zoom. Remember dancing is really all about listening.

Battle of the Sexes!

So who do you think can dance better? Men? Women? Want to put it to the test? We will find out by having squares of all men and all women. All calls used will be from the SSD (Social Square Dance) List of call. For those not familiar with SSD, if you know Mainstream, you will know all the calls.

Invisible Zippers

Why are so many experienced stitchers so reluctant to use these zippers? They are actually easier to put in and lay flatter than the regular type. Once you learn the tips and techniques shown in this demonstration, you will use them everywhere.

Sewing Buttons & Hems

Do you already know how to do hems and buttons? Really? Come learn haute couture techniques that will take your hand work to a professional level. Get the job done or make an elegant statement. These is more than one way to do anything.

Create It-Making Piping

Learn how to make yards of piping in a few minutes. With a few special tools and techniques, you can create inexpensive piping exactly the color you want. Piping adds dimension and definition to any garment.


We would like to welcome you to the 2022 National Square Dance Convention being held in Evansville, IN. This site will help you explore all the events that the Education Committee has put together for you. Our theme this year is "Making Waves".



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