Club Track Core Sessions

Our Club Track will focus on things that would be of interest to club leaders. If you register for a class and might be interested in being a Room Host, please go to our Volunteer Tab to find out what that involves. 

Building the Social Aspect of Your Club
Presenter: Mike Seastrom
June 23, Thursday, 11 AM

Dancing is the common thread, but the social part holds the club together and is the most important factor in the growth and success of your club. This session will cover proven methods to grow and add to the enjoyment of your club events.

How To Run Off New Dancers
Presenter: Buddy Weaver
June 24, Friday, 1 PM

Learn how what you are doing or not doing at lessons could be running off potential new dancers. 

Are You Covered? (Insurance)
Presenter: Elizabeth Sanders-USDA
June 25, Saturday, 1 PM

What do you really have to do? What about forms? Money? What else is required? Are visitors insured? Join this insurance session to learn the answers to these questions and many more.