"Rocking The Boat" Roundtable at the 71NSDC

At the Roundtable, you will have a chance to bring YOUR input to the table! It can be an idea you have about how you think square dancing can improve or move forward. Maybe it is a question you would like to have answered. Then again, you may just want to hear what others have to say.  

In 2022, the Roundtable will have a bit of a different format. We will start with a brief introduction of each organization present. The main part of the Roundtable will be the audience question and answer session. The Organizations will stick around after the Roundtable for a one-on-one time for those that would like a smaller setting.

Roundtable participants, as of Jan 2022, are

  • Callerlab

  • Roundalab

  • National Square Dance Camping Association (NSDCA)

  • United Square Dancers of America (USDA)

  • Alliance of Round, Traditional, and Square Dance (ARTS)

  • National Executive Committee (NEC)   

The Roundtable will take place on Thursday at 11:30am in Locust Room C. You can either bring your questions with you or you can submit them on the submission form below. All questions submitted will be compiled by the Education Committee for presentation to organizations at the Roundtable.  

Thanks for submitting!

If you would like to register to attend the Roundtable, please click the button that says "register now". Registration is not required, but it does help us to know how many people might be attending.