Volunteering At Nationals

There are many way that you can volunteer at Nationals.

In the Education area, we need volunteers to act as Room Hosts for us. We also need Sign Changers. You may volunteer by filling out the form below and we will contact you.



A Room Host is wiling to show up about 20 minutes prior to the session and stay about 10 minutes after the session. They will have a room checklist for the session they sign up for. You will need to go over the checklist to make sure we have everything ready for the Presenter.  Room Hosts will make sure everyone signs in as they enter the room. If there are Leadership Participants, the Room Host will stamp their cards. The Host will need to take a head count of all people in the room during the session. 


A Sign Changer will be assigned to a set of signs and simply change out the signage, so that it will read the next days activities and happenings. These change outs will happen at the end of the Education Session day around 4:15pm each day.


If you are interested in helping set up some of the Education Rooms prior to the start of the convention, this may be the job for you. 

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