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About The Education Comittee

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We are the Education Committee for the National Square Dance Convention. We play a vital role in the convention. Our team has spent countless hours since May of 2020 putting together a program that has much to offer you while you are here at the 2022 National Convention. 


We are offering six different Education Tracks or Focus Areas. Each focusing on a different area of Square Dancing. There are many different types of presentations, with each having one to three presenters at each session. Presentations will cover specific topics and most of the presentations will have a question and answer time at the end. 


Some presentations will have a moderator that will be taking questions from the audience and asking those questions to the presenters. Attending these presentations is a great way to gain many new ideas ideas in a single setting, since there will be many viewpoints.


Other presentations may be more of a hands on type activity where you can try your hand at something new. These range from holding Dance Parties to Incorporating Other Styles of Dance into Square Dancing.


We will have Clinics that will give you the opportunity to try something new, such as trying to dance a new level or learning a new style of dance. 


There will be many organizations represented at the National Convention. Such as Callerlab, United Square Dances of America, Individual State Square Dance Organizations, and more. They will have their information set up in the Showcase of Ideas area, which is located in Exhibit Hall B. Many different publications will be available. There will also be a Roundtable discussion that you can participate in, where all of those organizations will be in attendance.

Please see Our Education Schedule for Presentation days and times.

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